How to Use

Welcome to the Skillz Library, it’s awesome to have you here with us!

Our library is categorized into FOUR primary areas for you:

Personal Skillz   Job Skillz   Money Skillz

The material contained in first three areas is presented in TWO distinct formats:

“Scanning the Surface”
This introductory format presentation delivers the basic concepts of Personal Skillz, Job Skillz, and Money Skillz, which provides you with a general awareness and surface-level understanding of the material.  As your interest increases for a more in-depth meaningful understanding, complete with detailed explanations and step-by-step techniques, you are highly encouraged to visit the Diving Deeper format which is second part of each of the three specific Skillz areas.

“Diving Deeper”
This is the in-depth format presentation of the Personal Skillz, Job Skillz, and Money Skillz material.  Detailed explanations and step-by-step techniques are given to equip you with an in-depth understanding, which can then be directly applied towards establishing the personal habits and solid foundation necessary for a successful life.

Special Topics
This is a special section of the Skillz Library where specific experiences and scenarios are presented as real-life examples of the Personal Skillz, Job Skillz, and Money Skillz material.    A wide variety of practical application topics are addressed including:   “Achieving what you want to in life.”  “How to be a great employee, increase your job security, and get promoted.”  “Top money wasters to avoid.”  “Key things to consider when buying a car.”  New additions to this section will be continually added, so check it frequently! farmakosha